About Memsha

Memsha consultancy is a female-led consulting firm working for both non-profits and profit-making organizations. It offers innovative, accessible, and inclusive services and programs to strengthen and enhance effective Civil Society Organization (CSO/NGOS) operations. Memsha specializes in organizational development, corporate governance training, program development, and grant management etc Memsha has carried out operations with various CSOs and private companies with experience extending over 25 years. Memsha services are designed to respond to modern management and sustainability demands.


  • Transforming lives for a better world


  • Building partnership for individual and organizational change


Key Personnel

Memory Ndoro-Mandiya

Lead Consultant/ Co-founder of Memsha

Memory Ndoro-Mandiya is the lead consultant and co-founder of Memsha Consultancy and MAZ -Marketer Association of Zimbabwe. Memory is responsible for day-to-day activities of the Memsha Consultancy. Her focus is ensuring Memsha lives up to its mission of building partnerships for individual and organisational change and ensure that they achieve sustainability in the long term.

Memory Ndoro-Mandiya is a co-founder of Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) She has set on a number of boards, a member of Institute of Directors, trustee member of the National Blood Services of Zimbabwe (NBSZ) and Marketer Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ), Women University Hope Fay Hotel- Business Development Chairperson and Tennis Zimbabwe just to mention a few.

Our Connected Working Organisations

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